Turkish Belt Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish belt, Turkey belt manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality belt from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

NEKO OTOMOTIV LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Necati KOSOVA    
s aksa, alcon, alsa, intellectual, ayfar, aygersan, bally, bashkir, bemag, beru, bashir, blaupunkt, bosch, bu-ka-yu, carbos, carflex, cercelik, ceko, circassian, dayco, delco remy, diamond, platinum, dispenser roller, lighting system, signal lamp, main far komple, brake lamp, backlight, reflektorler, bumper lamp, xenon far sistemi, side position lamp, glass cleaning table, motor and backups, water fountain motor and backups, debris, debye printing, debris repair kit, heavy vehicle back ups, axles and connections (front), axle head, axle blind, bugle arm (swing), steering box, complex axle, complex rot colu, rod head, rot kolu, ball joint, swing, stabilizator (from rot), switch-drawer kits, window opening / closing switch, clawed pull key, flush key, signal key, field coil, ignition beyney, ignition coil, buji, distributor of, injectors and backups, ignition key, lambda sensor, meksef to, filter, balljoint, sensor, belt, amortisor, hose, rubber, bulb, led, starterpinion, pinion, selenoid, airfilter, fuelfilter, cabinfilter, oilfilter, sparkplug, ignitioncoil, wiperblade, autosparepart, parkinglamp, headlight, stoplamp, brakepad, clutch, brake, battery, flasher, rotil, far, air filter, roller, timing belt, alternator, cable, chain, thermostat, oil filter, fuel filter, terminal, brake disc, relay, pump, parking sensor, mirror, steering wheel, suspension, clutch bearing, rearview mirror, distributor, heater motor, glow plug, air conditioning equipment, collector, starter gear, insurance, wiper, wiper motor, stabilizer, water radiator, starter motor, spark plug, wiper arm, water fountain, shoe lining, felt, clutch set, key, cows, stator, main center, v strap, stop light, role, the brake lining, petrol automation, engine sprag, kondanser, circulated, bugs roll, alternator box, glass opening key, start out, diot plate, dorse cable, fan motoru, fan musiri, science limiter, fren caliphate, brake inspector, antique starter pillow, warm-up, air flowmeter, air trap, central heating radiator, channeled belt, conjecture, pole head, starter charcoal, starter automation, starter pillow, trailer pin, short service, eraser tooth, eraser mill, stop musiri, are the engine, triger set, webasto, damper wedge, rotor bakiri
SOYIC TEKSTIL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Sevil DEMİRELİM    
s ready wear, men's clothing, mens clothing, shirt, shirts, men's shirts, shirt men, shoes, shoe, belt, wallet, men's shoes, shoes for men, men's belts, men's wallet, men wallet, men's wallets, wallet for men, belts for men, belt for men, cufflinks, cufflink, shirt cufflink, shirt cufflinks, leather belt, textile accessories, clothing, leather products, leather shoes, fashion shirts, menswear, shirts for men, leather wallets, luxury shirts, design shirts
BARE TEKSTIL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Abdullah DEĞİRMEN    
s dresses, night dresses, maxi dresses, tops, skirts, shorts, capris, leggings, jumpsuits, trousers, denims, knitwears, jackets, coats, suits, bags, clutches, cross bodies, shoulder bags, backpacks, jewelleries, jewelries, belts, wallets, key rings, dress, night dress, maxi dress, top, skirt, short, capri, legging, jumpsuit, trouser, denim, knitwear, jacket, coat, suit, bag, clutch, cross body, shoulder bag, backpack, jewellery, jewelry, belt, wallet, key ring, key ring
BORA HAVACILIK VE SAVUNMA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Tuğgen YÜKSEL    
s aero, aircraft, spare parts, spare, parts, helicopter, plane, defence, aviation, textile, military, air, ground, turbine, motor engine, engine, aircraft engine, machine, flap, both, valfe, bolt, screw, lamp, led, filtre, drone, jet, turbo, probe, airvehicle, flight, cocpit, radio, earphone, walk talk, uniform, belt, hat, tire, recorder, gasket, oring, battery, pressure, system, set, case, gloves, projector, cable, rope, wire, equipment, glass, balistic, steel, armor, body, suit, metal, technologies, computer, electrical, electronic, chemical, shelflife, paint, tools, radar, radom, scope, transmitter, receiver, emergency, wind, packet, hidrolic, work safety, parachute accessories, assembly, cabin, safety, tactical gloves, hook cable system, tactical, airport, winglet, fuselage, weapon, hardware, aircraft tyre, empennage, undercarriage, arresting barrier, ordnance, monoplane, multiplane, command and control system, medical apron, cabin crew training, heavy construction equipment, stab vest, balistic protective vest, jumpsuit for paintball, camouflage, hunting gloves, tactical knee guard, crash helmet, headlamp, silver scabbardfish, handcuff, kit bag, helicopter, radar, scope
ARZULAR DERI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Selver ARZU    
s belt, belts, leather belt, leather belts, suspender, suspenders, trouser hanger, trouser hangers, leather man belts, leather woman belts, leather kids belts, man belts, kids belts, woman belts, men belts, kid belts, women belts, leather men belts, leather women belts, leather kid belts, men leather belts, women leather belts, kids leather belts, leather man belt, leather woman belt, leather kids belt, man belt, kids belt, woman belt, men belt, kid belt, women belt, leather men belt, leather wome, leather women belt, leather kid belt, men leath, men leather belt, women leather belt, woman leather belts, kids leather belt, man leather belt, man leather belts, woman leather belt
NURAL AYAKKABICILIK CANTA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Fatih Süne    
s bag, leather, belt, shoes, herbs, paste, spice
CAPITOL DERI A.S.        Türkiye         
s bag, leather, belt, product, shoes
ATASAYAR DERI LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s bag, leather, belt, product, shoes
ZK ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD.        Çin     Becky Su    
s smt feeder, feeder parts, nozzle, nozzle holder, nozzle shaft, laser sensor, servo motor, driver, the control board, solenoid valve, ball screw, belt, cable, sensor, ai parts, cutter, filter, feeder calibration jigs
HAZAR TEKSTIL        Türkiye     Ahmed Tural    
s jeans, clothes, textile, fabrics, hand sewing, women, womens, mans, man, kids, daily, sport, comport, cotton, polyester, cool, soft, lycra, button, belt, design, cutting
s stationery products, school products, school materials, stationery materials, textile accessories, suitcases, briefcases, wallets, belts, pencil bags, lunch bags, school bags, bags, shoes bags, messenser bags, pre-school bags, preschool bags, trolley backpacks, backpacks, sharpeners, erasers, pencils, pens, color sets, color pens, umbrellas, water canteens, puzzles, inflatable items, stationery product, school product, school material, stationery material, suitcase, briefcase, school bag, leather belt, bag, pen, sharpener, wallet, pencil, umbrella, belt, leather belts, puzzle, leather wallets, leather wallet, school bags, pens, suitcases, textile accessory, pencil bag, lunch bag, shoes bag, messenser bag, pre-school bag, preschool bag, trolley backpack, eraser, color set, color pen, water canteen, inflatable item, u.s. polo assn, us polo assn
s bag, bags, belt, belts, blue handbag, coach handbag, designer handbags, designer vintage handbag, fashion handbag, handbag, handbags, leather belts, leather handbag, purses, red handbag
CHINH VUONG CO. LTD.        Vietnam     Vuong Doan    
s bags, handbags, wallets, belt, clothing, accessory
BICAKLAR BIJUTERI        Türkiye     enes bicak    
s jewelry, stuff, belt, knife, keychain
OCAL KALIP        Türkiye     Levent ÖCAL    
s demijohn, cover, demijohn cover, roller, rashing, ring, rashing ring, splash, splash roller, file, clip, file clip, naval, glue, naval glue cover, clothes, tree, clothes tree, belt, dustpan, plastic mould, injection mould
VINTAGE TEKSTIL        Türkiye     mesut muço    
s bag, belt, clothes, fabric, garment, leather, shoes, yarn
UGURMAK        Türkiye     ugurmak ugur    
s activated, belt, bunkers, coneyors, crusher, crushing, feeder, feeders, grizzly, horizontal, impact, jaw, k03, k04, k07, k11, k12, k37, mobile, plants, primary, sand, screening, shaft, smk, stabilization, stabilization plants, standard, tertiary, track, ukm, uma, umyse, units, washing, impact
DIBA AKSESUAR        Türkiye     Murat BAYCAR    
s metal accessory, leather label, artificial label, artificial labels, bag, bags, belt, belts, leather labels, metal accessories, metal button, metal buttons, paper label, paper labels, rubber label, rubber labels, rubber stamping, rubber stampings, belt buckle, belt buckles, key holder, key holders, pullers, puller, metal pullers, metal puller, rubber pullers, rubber puller, leather pullers, leather puller, embroidery label, embroidery labels, laser label, laser labels, carton labels, carton label, metal button
ABDULVAHAP VERGILI        Türkiye         
s men's wallet, women's wallet, wallet, card holder, belt, men's wallet
HUN DERI VE METAL AKSESUAR SAN. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s leather products, scarf, buckle, wallet, bag, belt