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SMT Machines; With expert staff during the production of more than 15 years, the first time in Turkey a combination of belt and pulley, with engineering services and technical support is the only company offering professional sense. Wide range of products, has been established to bring the final solution to your transmission problem with the principle of economic and technical solutions. Our company always immutable principles of quality, service, timely delivery, competitive prices and after-sales customer memnuniyetidir.ureti my success in the process and guarantee the continuity of service is honesty and quality are the principles of our company; BELT belt SMT, SMT PULLEY as our own brand in the hoop with internal and external product warranty in the market, offers a wide range of products to its customers, as well as technical solutions. Gears, chain gears, modular gear, Bush Poly-V belt pulley, V-belt pulleys, the world is manufactured in standard CNC machines with experienced personnel in each area.

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